Payday should be the rewarding period, the celebration, the climax, and not the headache. 

There’s just something about payday. It’s like the weekend; you feel it in your bones. And for employers and employees alike, it’s impossible to forget. “I don’t care when I get paid”, said no employee ever! 

For employers, however, payday signifies time-consuming work, and of course, debits. It’s an agonizingly painful process to ensure that each account gets credited the right amount. As if it’s not bad enough that you’re letting such large amounts go, it comes with a load of back pain and thorough accounting.

It’s also important to note that remembering to make deductions for pension plans, health insurance, tax, and even make provisions for salary increases can drive employers to madness. It’s an arduous endeavor. Employees can probably attest to the inefficiencies and inadequacies of the current payroll structure; manual or not.

But viola! it’s payday, and we’re all getting paid, aren’t we? Bento pays me as an employee under contract, freelancers and domestic workers get paid for providing service(s). Employers also get paid — payroll touches you too if you’re also included in your payroll.

Payday matters to everyone, and you don’t want anything standing between you and your money when it is time to get that paper. Payday should be the rewarding period, the celebration, the climax, and not the headache. 

With Pay by Bento, the accounting books are balanced, employees are paid as they earn, and bills get paid faster. It’s almost too easy.

Bento is all-inclusive, so it doesn’t matter if your employees are educated or not. We do all the work and give you the means to empower your staff and erase the need to offer them loans out-of-pocket. Employees can even receive payment for a week’s worth of service or as often as they’d like.

If you’re an employee working for a company that doesn’t partner with Bento, this is your chance to improve payday for your boss, your colleagues, and more importantly yourself. You deserve to get paid as you work; why are you giving your boss a loan, anyway?

Bento is reinventing what payday means so if you want to change your payday experience, Get started with Bento, not today, but right now!


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