So you’ve woken up early, checked your interview schedules with People By Bento, prepared your questions, and are ready to interview new candidates for a role in your company. Maybe your firm hasn’t been able to find that replacement since your star employee moved abroad. Board is getting impatient- they need to bolster up the workforce and expand accross the country. Maybe it’s just your quarterly hire. As we all know, first-time interfacing with potential employees is always a tricky task. Anything can go wrong and sometimes, it does!


With the world facing a pandemic and remote work reaching 140% up from 2005, remote hiring has become a tool in the bag for the empowered Human resource officer. Video calling applications like zoom, google meet and teams have fast become part of the modern-day hire as we sort alternative ways to attract the best talents in the job market. Away from the safe and familiar walls of the office – from constant internet and power, curious situations often show up as various remote teams adjust to the concept of meeting potential employees-without actually meeting them. 

All in all, we’ve done a good job adjusting to the change. However, here are 3 times we wish we knew what to do during a video interview

Bad Network.

If 2021 had an anthem, it would be “Can you see my screen?”. With poor internet connectivity and low data speeds in Nigeria, video calls interviews are often cut short while the conversation is heating up. Best way to counter this awkward situation is scouting your house for the best possible call location. Candidates and interviewers could take turns to account for the lag, Other times, quitting the call and getting back could be just the solution. 

On camera. 

Interviews can be long and tasking sometimes. As humans, our minds often wander as we process this information, leading to some classic interview mistakes. A hand in your nose or the occasional phone pressing can be overlooked though, as far as we don’t take it this far. 

The Kids always know when to strike.

Kids are great, bless their souls, but could we have a second to ourselves? Our little conquerors have declared a war on video conferencing, barging into camera view and stating their demands all too often. Like Professor Kelley on BBC live, the best way out of this might be to admit how natural this it and not make a fuss out of it. This “awkward situation” could go on to be the little icebreaker that sparks a meaningful conversation with your candidate- some comic relief to lower the tension and get things going.

Tyler Perry (Source – Pinterest)

In the end, it all boils down to you and how you connect with your candidate. Some obstacles are not predictable and might have to be played by the ear. By creating an easy atmosphere, staying on top of things, and asking the right questions, you’d run through remote hiring like a hot knife through butter. 

Be well. ❤️

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