One of the things this writer loves about consequential years and events is the art that follows. Books, films, music, architecture, and even products will enjoy the fecundity of experiences this year bestowed upon us. It is something to be excited about, but also, a lot to ponder.

We pushed a new product to Live today. We named it People by Bento, it is our interpretation of how we see the modern work-world and how we believe it is going to evolve as the HR tools of yesterday become obsolete.

Two weeks ago, I drove my mother from our home to Livingston NJ, a short drive I had done so many times before. This was to be the last time I would take that drive as she was retiring after 30 years at that Hospital. I doubt anyone reading this believes they will stay with one employer for more than a decade — talkless of 3 decades? Gone are those days. Scanning the market, we saw products designed with the old world in mind — it was not going to work. Most of us will change jobs 6–10 times for a myriad of reasons, growing and evolving along this meandering path called life but the notion of a “destination” is antiquated.

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We are so excited about this product and not afraid to say that we have built the most advanced HRM platform on the continent today. Starting with your Initial job broadcast, seamlessly process candidates through to video interviews, review and analyze their performance, before sending out digital offer letters — all at a click. Before they arrive, avoid the headache of remembering all the apps and platforms they need — Gsuite, Office, Slack, Jira, Zoom and more are all integrated. For senior hires, automatically send them corporate cards and set transportation allowances via Uber and Bolt. And oh, the stress of running around to buy laptops, phones etc is now a thing of the past with our integrated hardware procurement feature.

There is so much you can do, and so much to come but honestly just play with it. It was designed to work hand in hand with your core payroll solution, Pay by Bento, and has the ease of use that we believe all products should have. You should not need a how-to video as we’ve made it as intuitive as possible. This is not free, but with the ease of migration and moving you away from the Dollar based products out there that do not meet all your needs, we think you should give this a try

It is not perfect — no product is. But it is our hello that will become more perfect over time. It will change the conversation on how payroll and HRM should work, and yes- we want to have this conversation with you

Enjoy 🙂


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